Nanocor 和Eastman Chemical在Nova-Pack Conference研讨会上宣布共同开发纳米树脂,其产品和技术将应用于高阻隔性容器,例如,塑料啤酒瓶。

Nanocor 和Eastman Chemical在Nova-PackConference研讨会上宣布共同 开发纳米树脂,其产品和技术将应用于高阻隔性容器,例如,塑料啤酒瓶。

Minerals Technologies Inc.'s (NYSE: ACO) Nanocor Subsidiary and Eastman Chemical Showcase Nanocomposites at Nova-Pack Conference

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Nanocomposite technology created under a joint development agreement between Minerals Technologies Inc. Corp.'s (NYSE: ACO) Nanocor subsidiary and Eastman Chemical Co. is soon to be sampled to container manufacturers. Eastman presented a summary of the development work being done by the two companies at the Nova-Pack Europe '99 conference in Neuss (Dusseldorf), Germany.

Nanocomposites are blends of plastic resins and nanoscale minerals. MTI is a leading producer of this unique mineral. One key feature of the technology is enhanced barrier to diffusion of gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. Eastman said that the technology will initially be applied to multilayer containers appropriate for oxygen-sensitive beverages such as beer and fruit juices, and for tomato-based food products.

Nanocor President Peter Maul said, "Nanocor and Eastman have been very active in joint development, and progress has accelerated this past year. High-barrier multilayer structures are a good starting point, but that is by no means the only application of this technology for food and beverages. Single-layer nanocomposite packages will also become available in the near future. Companies such as Eastman find this technology attractive because it is so versatile, while at the same time cost-effective."

In their Nova-Pack presentation, Eastman emphasized that the joint team has succeeded in creating low-haze nanocomposites, clearing the way for wide use in containers. They also predicted that further improvement in barrier and haze are on the horizon. Another advantage -- recyclability -- was also
noted. Nanocomposites fit into new recycling technology also developed by Eastman.

Nanocor, Inc. was formed in August 1995 to capitalize on patented technology that disperses nanoscale clays into plastic resins, improving strength, heat stability and barrier properties. Nanocor holds numerous patents on its technology and has filed joint applications with commercial development partners such as Eastman Chemical.

Nanocor's parent, Minerals Technologies Inc. Corp., is a specialty chemical and minerals company that produces and markets a wide range of products used for industrial and consumer-related markets. The company's common stock is tradedon the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ACO.


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