Nanocor 宣布与塑料加工设备制造商New Castle Industries 共同开发
塑料加工中的应用。 (2001/12/3)


Nanocor 宣布与塑料加工设备制造商New Castle Industries共同开发纳米混合器

Minerals Technologies Inc. Corp. (NYSE: ACO) Nanocor Subsidiary and New Castle Industries in Joint Development Program

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Nanocor, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc. Corp. (NYSE: ACO ), and New Castle Industries publicly announce the continuing joint cooperation program to produce equipment for the formation of plastic nanocomposites, using extrusion and injection molding technology.
The companies initiated joint research in the first quarter 2001 with the objective of creating a dispersive element for single-screw equipment. This effort culminated in New Castle's October introduction of the Nano(TM) Mixer Screw Design.
Nanocor President Peter Maul said, "We are very encouraged by this program's rapid progress. Nano(TM) Mixer simplifies the process of dispersing our products. For non-film applications, it can now be done on virtually any single-screw machine for injection and extrusion-a big help to our customers. This will surely broaden our customer base."
Timothy Womer, New Castle engineering vice president said, "We are pleased to contribute to Nanocor's development efforts by providing the Nano(TM) Mixer Screw Design. Properly dispersed, nanocomposites are capable of providing remarkable physical properties with very small loadings. Our new design will open the door to many new, cost-effective applications."
Based on the Nano(TM) Mixer success, the companies have set new program goals, including a screw design to create film quality nanocomposites.
Nanocor was formed in August 1995 to capitalize on a patented technology that disperses nanoscale particles of chemically modified clays into plastic resins, improving mechanical, thermal and barrier properties. Nanocor sells its Nanomer(R) and Nanomer Concentrate products to the packaging, transportation, industrial and performance coating markets.
New Castle Industries, established in 1966, specializes in the design engineering and manufacturing of feed screw and bimetallic barrels for extrusion and injection molding machinery. The company operates a full service lab capable of process/product development and material testing. NCI holds numerous screw design patents.
Nanocor's parent company, Minerals Technologies Inc. Corp., produces and markets specialty mineral products used for industrial, environmental and consumer-related applications. The company operates in three industry segments, minerals, environmental and transportation. MTI's common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "ACO."
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